Una's 5th month

Sunday was Una's 5th month and we spent the afternoon in La Mesa Ecopark. We had difficulty finding it first but it was all worth it when we arrived our destination. Lush forestry welcomed us as soon as we entered the gate and the fresh air is very refreshing. We even saw some pet owners walking their dogs and couples having their pre-nuptial photograph taken.

We didn't have enough time exploring the area, Mother Nature decided that it's nice to rain on us. So we skipped the Butterfly Hatchery, Orchidarium, boating and fishing and run to the nearest cottage. Hopefully, we'll have time to try those in the near future.

Photo by: s.anka photo link

On other note, look what I found in Flickr. Crocheted cat and kitten on a sling. So cute! Reminds me of myself and Una.


  1. Hi Gene, you could have dropped by our house, sayang...we're just a few blocks away from ecopark in case you don't know.
    How cute naman the cat toys, like you and baby Una!

  2. Oh, I totally forgot that you live in the area. I'll make sure to contact you once we have planned it. Usually when we plan, it's just a few days away from the actual date, hahaha!

  3. I've been interested in going to La Mesa Ecopark for ages! Maybe after I give birth na :)

  4. @Toni That's right, go there after you gave birth to Timmy. Though I won't really recommend bringing a stroller, trails are rocky for the most part, thank God we bought a sling, but poor Daddy K, had a hard time dragging the stroller. :D

  5. I've been to La Mesa Eco park (accompanied my son on a field trip) and it's such a beautiful place no? My favorite is the boat ride around a lake :-) Cute kitty crochet by the way!

  6. @Glenda, nice nga sa La Mesa Ecopark. We didn't get the chance to try the boat ride but we enjoyed watching the wall climbing peeps. We'll make sure to put that first in our itinerary. :D

    Cute nga ng kitty no, wish I could make something like that.

  7. Hmm... I tried to post a comment earlier, but it didnt seem to go through.

    This photo of you and your little one is beautiful!

    Blessings & aloha!
    (I came across your blog through another blog.)


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