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...these past few weeks.

DISCLAIMER: Clip doesn't belong to me. Stumbled upon it on the web but forgot to save the credit. If you're the creator of the clip, please let me know so I can give you proper credit.


no-bake fudge

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been looking for a recipe of a brownie/fudge that doesn't involve baking. as much as i want to get my hands working with an oven, i can't. but you can't believe k-kun's shock when i suddenly screamed from the bedroom so he immediately rushed in. no, i'm not having a pre-term labor but was extremely glad of finally learning how to make fudge with no oven heat involved. just watch at how easy it is to make!

thanks to toni of wifelysteps for the video. you can watch the other vids in her blog.


Baby Ichi is a she!

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Yup, yup, yup! We'll be having a baby girl!


basic slippers

long overdue post. but better late than never.
don't you just love to cuddle up and think of nothingness on a cold rainy night? that's my favorite past time on rainy days, bum around. i love the cold but my feet doesn't share the same opinion about my infatuation with the rain. well, it gets cold a lot, even if the weather is not that wet. and i really don't like wearing socks all the time. mimi's version of crocheted slippers are just right, my feet can get all the warmth it needs and enough ventilation for my sanity. and i love it! too bad i don't do yoga or pilates so i can show it off mid-air, haha!

some details of my work in ravelry.



all saint's day. i'm having mixed emotions. just came from a meeting with a friend whom i saw last on my birthday seven months ago. happy but tired. tired of all the walking. and frustrated. the primary reason that i went out was closed for holiday. i need those darn yarns.