all saint's day. i'm having mixed emotions. just came from a meeting with a friend whom i saw last on my birthday seven months ago. happy but tired. tired of all the walking. and frustrated. the primary reason that i went out was closed for holiday. i need those darn yarns.


  1. That is frustrating, Gene. Better luck next time...
    Btw, I got lucky naman to be able to accidentally go to Dreams shop in Glorietta last Fri. But I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming selection of yarns and tools! I bought a few skeins, though I wasn't too happy with it when I got back home...

  2. I told you it's a yarn lover's haven. Haven't been there since early January this year, gah! Did you tell them you're the Mimi Alelis? They have your pattern FOs on display, at least the last time I've been there.

    What yarns did you buy and why are you not satisfied?

  3. This is a beautiful photo Gene!


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