basic slippers

long overdue post. but better late than never.
don't you just love to cuddle up and think of nothingness on a cold rainy night? that's my favorite past time on rainy days, bum around. i love the cold but my feet doesn't share the same opinion about my infatuation with the rain. well, it gets cold a lot, even if the weather is not that wet. and i really don't like wearing socks all the time. mimi's version of crocheted slippers are just right, my feet can get all the warmth it needs and enough ventilation for my sanity. and i love it! too bad i don't do yoga or pilates so i can show it off mid-air, haha!

some details of my work in ravelry.


  1. Cute! Good job, Gene :)
    Just the right timing, since I noticed our weather is getting colder at night.
    Me too, I wish I could join a yoga or pilates class, but it is just too expensive :p

  2. thanks mimi!

    i really think yoga will do great on ones body and mind, but yeah, it's quite expensive but i think it's worth all the effort and money for you'll achieve piece of mind and a healthy well being. maybe you could ask your friend to teach you pilates, that's another craft you'd be mastering. :D how's the belly dancing going on?


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