Una's Christening Invitation

In my family, looking for a printing press when making an invitation is not an option. We have a lot of resources available online and definitely a lot of inspiration to perfectly match your style. Once we have confirmed Una's Christening date, I already had the perfect invitation in mind. I was once browsing the web for inspiration and I stumbled upon Moralia's Weblog. She made a diaper card for her scrapbook and I definitely love the idea. I do not have her diaper template so I searched for other diaper templates that are available for free. Lucky me, I found two sites generous enough to share these templates. The first one is perfect for Baby Showers while the second one is just the one I'm looking for. I found it in ScrapJazz though the poster said the template originated from Martha Stewart's site (not sure which one).

Envelope. These are printed 8 X 13 colored cardstock, cut through the lines, folded and glued to seal it off. Originally planned to use safety pins to fasten it off but didn't work as well as my inspiration.

Invitation. The invitation consists of 3 pages back to back. That maybe a lot and I mean a lot especially when you cut each one manually but the end product is definitely worth it. The first page consists of the Christening details while the back has the names of Godparents.

The second page is all about Una's birth details.While the third page comes with a map and directions are made with MS Office Visio.

Give-away tags. These are printed on 8" x 13" card stock with a dimension of 1" x 2" each. The front cover consist of Una's photo while the inside has a Thank You note and Christening details.

If you want a template of the give-away tag, leave a message here with your email address so I can send it to you with detailed instructions.

Download link now available: give-away tags


I've been glazed!

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Goodnight Sweet Lamp

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Thank you
for shedding light upon us
it's only been two months
but you will be greatly missed.


Coraline + Knitting

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You may have noticed that there had been zero updates on teaching myself knitting and it frustrates me that all I can do is just drool over those knitted tees and baby clothes. Since all I can is just watch and drool, here's one cute video that I saw in SouleMama's sidebar and it involves on of my favorite books.

Look at those cute creations!