Ribbed Wristwarmer

An FO for the the first month of the year!

I'm so glad. I finished this easy project for K-kun. K-kun is actually my partner Kris but I feel like calling him K-kun because I find his reactions so animated recently, haha! Anyway, I woke up early last Tuesday and made him this wrist warmer. The pattern is by Alexandra Lockhart through Ravelry. I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease and my favorite 4.00 mm crochet hook. I was able to finish the project in just one day which is a record breaker in my history because I tend to stop on my tracks and surf the net instead. And he loved it so much that I want to learn how to knit fast and make him a sweater.

Anyway, the pattern is free so you feel free to visit Hip Vintage Crochet so you can make one for yourself or for your loved one.


  1. Nice design, and color. Good job! How much yarn did you use?...and, I'm curious, if the cottonease feels more like cotton or acrylic...

  2. Thanks Mimi!

    For a pair, I've used pretty much 1 1/2 skein of Cotton-Ease. The yarn feels more like cotton even if it's 50% acrylic, 50% cotton and it doesn't feel like there's acrylic to it at all. Plus it's so soft and very comfortable to wear. If I were to choose between Red Heart's Baby Soft and this one, I choose this. I know it's not fair because Baby Soft is 100% acrylic but I just love how comfortable it feels working with cotton yarns. I think this would make a perfect blanket but that would really cost me a lot!


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