Crochet Hooks

How can I be so ignorant!?

I just learned today that the size 9 hook that I'm using is 0.85 mm! What?!

That must be the reason why my motifs are super small!

Yesterday, I bought a size 4 steel hook that says 1.00 mm but it looks smaller than my size 9 hook. Geez!

And the Tulip hook that I have is 5/0 - 6/0 double ended which is 3.00 mm and 3.50 mm. Good thing I ordered 4.00mm from Mimi and a 1.5 mm and another 3.00 mm (all from Inox) just to make it sure that I have the right sizes.

I still have to update my tools but that's it for now.

Does anyone know where I can buy huge hooks, like 10mm hooks?

For hook conversions: Tulip Japan [via Crochetville]

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