Photo Inchies Swap

Photo Inchies Swap in swap-bot.com

This is the first of the three sets that I will be mailing out on Monday. Photos are not exactly 1 x 1 instead I made the card stocks in a one inch square to serve as a border to the pictures. I used my Starbucks planner as a drying rack.

I will post the finished products here once all three of my swap partners receive their package. But just a hint, I crocheted something for the swap. It's not just a photography swap on my part but also a craft swap. You'll understand once you see them.

I'm excited to receive my packages! Yay!


  1. That looks cute...and its really fun to join swaps!

  2. Thanks Mimi! This will be my first swap for the month. I have one more for October and another one for November. I'm more excited in receiving my packages. I just love mail!


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