Swap Update 09262007

This new community is making me all excited. I had just fulfilled my first swap hoping my package won't go astray and anticipating for my package to arrive. The idea of creative swap is really refreshing. At least my brain is no longer in its dull mode and is actually working at its best, though my right thumb is somewhat injured and my left thumb had a paper cut. Must be because of crocheting too tight and the endless cutting and sewing of things for the swaps and the paper cut is due to the card stock I used as backing. I feel bad because I didn't make the swaps as I planned it in my head. Guess my daydreaming head worked overtime and left me in the dark while doing the swaps. I have originally planned of making three felt books with crocheted cover for the Photo Inchies swap but my right thumb isn't cooperating for quite sometime now, I was able to finish one complete (crochet + felt) book and one crocheted book cover and one felt book. I have planned of making it into editions but I have disappointed myself and made just one.

Click the photo to see the other sets.

To round up this post, here are the list of my swaps.

Photo Inchies (Sent 09262007)
  • FarStarr
  • LipsLikeSugar
  • lindall
Gain exposure to your blog!

Digital photo swap – theme: pet

New to ATCs Swap and Critique (Int'l)

Trigger Happy - Circle

Just Stuff #3

Red Ribbon for awareness

Christmas Card Swap

Whew! I have my hands full till the end of the year. I just hope someone would make a swap for March celebrants.

And here are the list of my forum swaps: (i.e. Swap tags, one on one trades)

Promised an item to:
  • phatelara - something made of yarn (I wish for... tag 09262007 but will send after 10152007)
  • Kathy - private gift to her sister (Note: Bring to Nihongo Class on 09292007)
  • Isy - private gift - Hanazakari no Kimitachi e DVD
Those who will grant my wish:
  • ♥ KimyCate ♪♫ - 10 ATC sized cardstocks (Swap tag 09242007)
I must say this thing is really addicting.


  1. That's a cute little notebook ;)
    You've got yourself into quite a lot of swaps... goodluck!

  2. Thanks Mimi! But those swaps are really easy, some are even store bought. All I have to do is mail them. Some are swaps online so that won't be a problem at all.


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