Cellphone Wristlet

A long overdue post.

Since I'm new to the crocheting thing again, I have to take baby steps and start on small project first before plunging into bigger responsibilities. The easiest of them all is a cellphone pouch. (Though in the kit that I had said it's a bookmark)

This is also considered my first design and I haven't seen anyone posted something like this and it's somehow an ego booster, haha! Plus you can't really find something like this because not anyone has a phone similar to mine and I designed it specifically for my phone and my own needs. so there.

I have used different kinds of cellphone pouches but they seem to match my phone needs. Mostly are too tight with no locks so my phone slips out and fly from somewhere else. With this one there's enough space for my phone to breath, Sam (my phone's name) is claustrophobic so this would suit her well and the handle serves as a lock for the purse so Sam won't go anywhere else. Plus I can wear the wristlet in the public, shop and there's no way someone can snatch my phone from me even with their tricky fingers!
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This project used Monaco cotton thread size 8 shade B62 for that sack look and steel hook size 9 by Imia. Sorry by I cannot explain the gauge specifics because I am really not used to that. This pattern also work in rounds so don't join unless stated and mark the beginning of each row.
Pattern: Cellphone (Sack) Wristlet
*This pattern uses US crochet term.
ch 31
FS: SC in the second chain from hook, 1 SC in each of the following chain (28 SC) except the last chain where 2 SC will be made, 1 SC in each of the following chain (29 SC) on the other side of the chain. (total of 60 SC)
R1-R29: HDC in each of the following SC around. (60 HDC)
R30: 11 HDC, ch 5, skip 8 HDC and start new HDC on the ninth stitch from the last HDC before the chain (this will serve as the slot for the strap you will be making), then continue HDC around until the next row (11 HDC, 5 ch, 41 HDC)
R31: 11 HDC, 8 HDC in the 5 ch you made in the previous row, 22 HDC in each of the following HDC,
[Start of Strap] 8 HDC, (ch 2 and turn [this will serve as first HDC in the row], 7 HDC) repeat 59 times , sl st in the back loops of the 8 HDC you made in the beginning of the strap[End of Strap]
11 HDC then fasten off.
Whew! My very first pattern made into words.
DISCLAMER: This pattern in made via photographic memory and has not been tested by anyone. Please email me at geneinthebattle@gmail.com or leave a message for any corrections.
Gennie Pascual © 2007, posted 09112007, 1330 hours Manila Time.

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Please leave a comment if you have tried this pattern and it would be love to show your finish projects. *kisses*


  1. When I saw your cellphone pouch, I wanted to make a similar one. But I have to save that project for later.
    Can you tell us the specific thread you used, the gauge, the hook and stitch you used?

  2. Of course Mimi! I just couldn't make the pattern because I make pouches custom fit to the cellphone. I'll make in a separate post.

  3. Beautiful! I've been looking for a cellphone cozy because the regular cases you buy in the store are just not personal to my style, ya know! BRAVO!


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