Stripes and free pattern link

When I decided that I'll reconcile my relationship with a crochet hook, I went blog-hopping and pattern hunting for free patterns that would be perfect for the beginners. Finding someone in the same country that offers free patterns is a big help because we really don't have many craft stores here in Manila, so I can get ideas as to where I could buy some items that I would need for the future projects.

To make it short, I stumbled upon Mimi's blog and learned that she offers free patterns that are easy to finish. Not only that, she also sells threads and hooks that are not available here and even surprised to learn that she also design for Coats Manila Bay. Wow!

Anyway, before I learned all that, I tried one of her free patterns, I was a lurker in her blog then. :D And only recently (err, just today) that I got the chance to take a photo of what I made.

It's just 1" X 1.5" and I used Cannon Multicolor Cotton Thread size 8 and Imia size 9 hook size. You can find the pattern [here]

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Here are the pictures of the two lovely kittens in the compound.

Kit and Kat. I just love their stripes!This is Kit. The one on the left above. Her fur is darker and the stripes are really prominent and she dodges every photo I take. She must be tired here. Haha!

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