Mail Week

I just love the two weeks that passed. We had a long holiday so I went over to my father's place for three days and two nights. My sister and her impudent son who calls me by my first name is there as well so we slept together in one bed like we used to. Well my nephew is so hard-headed that he won't call me Tita (Aunt) and my dad Lolo (Grandfather) which is to be expected because he only calls her mother Mama if he needs something, what a brat!

Anyway, I never thought that going to Divisoria on the Day of the Dead would be troublesome. Most of the stores are close so the goal of finding great bargains is next to nil but I was able to buy some stuff that can be useful for future projects. And as soon as I returned home, my sister SMSed me the next day saying that I have mail from US, yay! I am so proud of the Post Office in Manila!

And just today, I received two mails and a parcel notice. I wonder what's in the parcel. I'm getting more and more excited but I still need to wait for next week to go to the post office in Marikina.

Would you believe that the PO in Marikina received it Oct 25th and I received it just now? What happened to the 10 business days in between? Really, this incident annoys me.

I already made arrangements with the Post Office in the other district for a lock box. Based on experience, the folks there are pleasant, helpful and are really accommodating. Hopefully an incident like this in this city's PO won't happen again in Cubao.

In other news, the photo on the left are the calendars I sent to two lucky partners. I really like the wall calendar because 1) it's made of recycled paper 2) it features monthly motivational ideas 3) the last part that says Official Bad Habit Trash Bin. This I think is really helpful. Personally, instead on bashing into everyone else, I tend to write my feelings and just let go of what I feel. I feel better afterwards. Well, putting those bad thoughts in this particular area would be really helpful. Imagine how many bad habits can you collect in a year? A small envelop may not be enough but still helpful, don't you think?

In crochet news, I started a new scarf while I was in seclusion in my father's place. I'm in 50% of my shell scarf but I'm out of cotton thread so I'm making a new one in different color. And my beau is really demanding that I make one for him already. It's really nice to have someone appreciate the things that you do. I need to drag myself away from the computer and start on that scarf of his. But can I just say that I am totally drooling to the things I see in Ravelry. I want to have all those soft lovely yarns and pile them all up in bed and still have enough yarn to make every wonderful project! Why is that so hard to achieve?! Yarn Fairy, please save me!


  1. I already got used to the occasional slow mail. I can see that in our p.o. that there seems to be hundreds of packages in there at any given time. Most of it have to be claimed there and not delivered by the postman, which I think is much safer. Unlike in your place in Manila where you have your dependable postman.
    Btw, that's a cool calendar ;)

  2. That's true. Everytime I see those bags of unsent mail makes me want to ask their HR if they have an opening so I can accomplish those unfinished business. Plus, I really think that working in the PO would be lots of fun, or is it just me? Hahaha! Considering the amount of jobs unfinished by the current staff there.


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