Small Things

I love doing small things.

Some may be hard to finish but I like finishing small projects. One can easily find the result if it works well or not and you can even do it for a short period of time, but this doesn't apply to everything small, you know.

Well, it applies to crocheting and I am loving it. I have three big WIP projects and working on it according to my mood isn't really helping. But doing something small according to my mood will definitely result into a finished object.

Here you see a coaster I finished last month. It's a four inch square coaster using two strands of cotton thread held together in two shades, natural and chocolate brown. I just the color combination! The reason why I didn't make it a set because of the fact that the house I am currently in doesn't use coasters. Weird but true. So this particular coaster will be kept for referential purposes once I already have a home that would implement using coasters because a dreamer such as myself is aiming for a glass dining table, unless, of course, my money could afford a high quality dark wood, regardless of what kind of dining table I acquire, I will still make use of my very own coasters (and probably almost anything that I can make for my home.)

Next is my very first snowflake! Yeah, yeah, ours is a tropical country and snowflakes are non existent here but to hell with it. I want to at least experience making one. And snowflakes are simply amazing. But I still need to work on my blocking and I have to properly do it this time.

And I'd like to apologize to Mimi because I have been so out of myself lately, wasn't able to contact you in one of the most special day in your life.

Happy Birthday Mimi


  1. Thanks Gene! Its ok, and I was happy on my birthday because my wonderful brother and his family were visiting here from Australia. I hate them being away - they'll be leaving again on Thurs.
    I like small projects that way too... even if I'm not really in the mood to create, small projects help me get into the mood.

  2. Crochet snowflakes look so great on Christmas trees. :)


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