Coffee & Music

Kris, RJ and I went to Urbandub's album launch in Eastwood City. Hearing their music live was awesome. I love going into their gigs and the crowd were amazing, singing loudly to every song they play. If you want to sample their music, visit their profile in http://www.myspace.com/urbandub and it's definitely worth it.

We also went to Starbucks for our dose of caffeine. White Chocolate Mocha + cold weather is love. And I can't help but fill my lungs with the smell of roasted beans. Everytime I visit coffee shops I feel like I'm in heaven. Plus I didn't use any paper cozy because it's really cold and a warm cup of coffee is just perfect.

Did you notice that I used my Japanese name in the coffee cup?

Gene = Gin = silver


  1. Hmm...my son was at Eastwood too yesterday afternoon, and I fetched him in Ateneo at 6pm! He also usually gets his caffeine kick from Starbucks, which I often refer to as overrated and overpriced coffee :p

  2. I agree with the overrated and overpriced coffee but caffeine addicts really have no choice. Even our local cafe Figaro has the same price range, given a chance I prefer our very own kapeng barako which is way too cheap for a better tasting coffee.


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