Chocolates & Cream

Traditionally, it should be coffee and cream. It's the Yin and Yang beverage for me but today is different because it's been ages since I last had cow's milk. It started last year that I've been trying so hard to let go of my carnivorous side and go vegan but I was such a failure. Though, I did give up drinking cow's milk since last year and having it substituted with soy milk which is by the way so addicting, I still can't let go of the taste of meat and chicken. I have made my efforts of preferring seafoods and tuna sandwiches but I just can't let go of the things I am used to for the past 23 years of my life.

And whose fault it is that I have to go back to drinking milk in this cold weather?

I blame it to the lucky bastard who won a bag of Hershey's Chocolates during the time of my sickness and all I am left with bars of Special Dark Chocolates. The lucky bastard is the person I love to cuddle in the middle of night. Of course, the other members of his family took away all the sweet stuff which I don't mind at all. It is just recently that I learned to appreciate dark chocolates, I think it's due to hormonal changes that I underwent a couple of months ago which made me hate anything sweet.

But who could afford to resist eating dark chocolates and warm unsweetened milk on a cold weather? Definitely not me. I just love the taste of bitter choco and warm milk melting the chocolate in my mouth and washing down the sweetness. It's just heaven!

I still have one bar left, guess I'll reserve it for my lucky beau.

Speaking of Yin & Yang, I now have 10% of Kris' (the lucky bastard) scarf in chocolate and I'll make a scarf of the same design in cream for myself as well. I know I should be doing something else (sorry Mimi!) but Kris keeps on bugging me and pouting like a kid because I haven't made something for him yet.

I'll post an update on the scarves as soon as I finish them both.


  1. Oh, don't worry about my pattern, Gene. Just do it when you really want to. Crochet should be fun, like eating chocolates ;)

  2. lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this


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