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Such a pity that we use plastic abundantly but we can't find a decent way to lessen it's waste. If we just think about it, it's not really hard keeping the environment clean. We just don't have to be lazy about it. What's so hard in putting that candy wrapper in your pocket instead of dropping it off the streets? There are a lot of stuff that we can do to help minimize waste.

Here are some of the things that I do recommend and some that I would try in the future.
  1. Coffee addict? Then why don't you go ahead and buy that tumbler in your favorite cafe. You'll receive discounts everytime you use it with your purchase and you're cutting down on the paper cups used.
  2. Are you a crafter who loves coffee? Then why don't you whip up a coffee cup cozy. There are lots of free patterns that you can use to make you own cozy. It's small so you can always bring it in your purse. Here's an example: link
  3. Try reusing you plastic grocery bags, if it smells bad, wash it with soap, let it try and use it again. You can use it as a garbage bag or for the next trip in the market. Or you can keep it all and make new things with it. Check out http://www.myrecycledbags.com/ for ideas. You'll never know what you can do next with your plastic bags.
  4. As much as possible, if you usually buy stuff that you can easily tuck in your bag then do so. Just keep the receipts handy to prevent misconceptions.
  5. Check your grocery stores if they are selling market bags. This bags are pretty cheap and really useful. Some even offer it for free. See SM's Green Bag
  6. Do you sew? How about making your own eco-friendly market bag. Morsbags are so in these day because they pretty much don't cost anything. You can use your old blankets or whatever stuff you can think of and sew it in the Morsbag way for a more sturdier bag. For more info: Morsbags
  7. For crocheters (and even knitters) the Reduction Tote Bag is so useful. How about this Market Bag? There are a lot of free patterns in the internet that are really useful.
  8. How about reusing used printer paper instead of throwing it into the shredder. You can use it to take notes, grocery list, to do list or whatever list that you can think of.
  9. Try buying recycled papers. It's cheap and really interesting. My letter sets are made of recycled paper.
  10. If you can't think of anything else to do with your trash, just neatly pile them all up and send it to the junk shop, you can even earn extra money with that.
Hopefully, this will help you get your move in making the environment cleaner. Don't limit yourself with these suggestions. Possibilities are endless and remember, little things meant a lot.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day


  1. Thanks for the tips and the links, Gene.
    I think the problem lies in numbers. There are just a few percentage of us who are conscious of saving the environment. This doesn't stop me from doing it but, can we really save the earth from being used up?
    Btw, what a coincidence I was going to come up with a pattern for a mesh bag. I'm thinking of selling it though. But if you want to test the pattern, let me know ;)

  2. Thanks Mimi! I would love to test your patterns! Yay!

    Yeah, sadly, its just a few of us who do simple things that makes our environment clean again. But hopefully, with this simple actions, we can encourage everyone else to do just as the same. I'm still hoping that the Philippine government would really act on the preservation of the environment.

  3. Having worked in the government before, I can say that even there, there are only few good people who help the environment. I know in our province, there is a mayor who himself gets people to haul sand in his trucks and sell them (maybe in his own construction supply). When you go by the beach, you will see that the natural beauty of the shore is destroyed, and you will wonder in lets say for one year, how much sand is stolen. ...how much it affects our environment...There must be areas where sand can be taken in moderation, but it was obvious there, that it was illegal and he used his position to do it, and he was raping mother earth.
    So when I hear stories of abuse from people in government, I easily believe it...like landslides caused by illegal logging, or drug-pushing even...all destroy our very lives...if one seriously think about these things, it is really sad :(

    Oh well, maybe in our own little way we can help...getting rid of plastic bags perhaps or saving paper...

  4. thanks for the tips - check out LittleWanda Craft's blog for green crafting tips - there's a link to her on my blog....

  5. Oh - by the way - I've tagged you - rules and questions on my blog


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