Visit to Japan

Just my imagination though.

Went to Makati today to process my clearance from my previous employment and the result is not appealing as I was pissed walking out of the building and waited for Neko's (cat in Nihongo) shift end.

But as a self-imposed simple rule to be happy, I have to think of the positive side of things, so I'm going to embark on happy thoughts.

I had been craving for Pocky for the past days, blame it on PMS so Neko and I went to our favorite Japanese store and found no luck. Even my favorite ice cream is not available. Guess, this store became popular these days. So moved to the other store, heck, they have empty shelves! Delivery must be running late. So we rode a jeep to the last but not the least Japanese store and I found Apollo! No, it's not my previous officemate's ex boyfriend but one heck of a tasty box of sweet sensation, a classic mix of strawberry and chocolate can never go wrong.

So what happened to Pocky?

Apparently, the only flavor left is Pocky Men, and I am in no mood to have a dose of bitter chocolate because I want to be happy, right, so sweets are the best regimen (and being with friends and love ones.) Though I would have preferred eating this straw-colate duo with unsweetened coffee, I decided not to and just savor the aroma of roasting coffee in a factory (What's the proper term for that? Brewery?) nearby and it feels like heaven.

A visit to a Japanese store won't be complete if we won't be checking out every item they have and trying to familiarize ourselves with it, I have found something that would definitely make my hands busy.

Chiyogami Bag!

The bag consists of 8 15cm squares and 50 origami instructions! Well, they should have included 42 more chiyogami so I can try it all out. But I have the other origami set on my list in the next visit (and the Shiseido shampoo!)

I was a bit disappointed though that there are only few letter sets left and the design is not appealing to me but the sticky paste tubes are so cute that must be the reason every one is so crazy about Japanese stuffs!

I hate going to this store with no enough money, there are a lot of things that I want to buy there and I miss croquettes already, the cup noodles and pudding! I really need to go there with a huge fat purse and try every ready to cook meals they have there. LOL!

And sorry to disappoint you crafty friends, they don't have Japanese craft books. :(


  1. I also love to try new things, foods, etc., when I find myself in the right place. And japanese stuff are really interesting...but so expensive nowadays. My sister used to buy that Apollo, but I on the contrary, don't like anything strawberry-flavored. (I like real strawberries, though.)
    Anyways, my teen son and I love the Black chocolate by Meiji and also the chocolate-covered Macadamia, and sometimes the Pocky too ;)

  2. It's hard to fin real strawberries here if only I could buy a truckload from Baguio. Anything chocolate is just perfect for me, though I don't really like Milo and Ovaltine but I love those made from tableas and anything Swiss.


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