Going back to what I love

After the creativity shattering post, I have settled my emotions and have gone back to the things I love doing.

I signed up for a Scarf Cal in Crochetville because I've been wanting to make one and I think this is the right time because rainy season is here and it can get really cold in the Holiday season and it's perfect for Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo.)

The scarf is two inches wide, just enough for my neck and probably 60 inches long (the photo in the right is 13 inches long.)

I used Cannon thread size 8 in Natural and steel hook 1.5 mm. The pattern is just made of shell stitches and has consumed half of the ball already and hasn't reached a quarter of the scarf yet, that's quite expected because I like my stitches tight.

You're probably wondering why the heck did I positioned it beside a CD pudding. Well those are the blanks that Kris and I have to make (the debutante preferred a mix CD for her) and to be printed, about 50 copies of those.

The photo pretty much show my current work load. I'm working on my scarf while waiting for the CD burning and printing to be finished. This situation actually help me get the idea for something that will be really useful for my crochet hobby.

Presenting to you my new Spool Caddy!

My partner KC laughed when he saw this. I used the CD pudding as a caddy for my thread. This is really useful and is actually perfect for cotton threads that come in balls. And if you are using yarns, you can use the pudding cover (visible in the background.)

The pudding case is also a great way to stack your WIPs especially for small projects, such as scarves, cozies and doilies. You just put the cover, seal it (twist the cover clockwise) and you're done. And this little plastic thing comes cheap so you can buy a couple more if you're like me that loves to jump from one small project to another.

Talk about innovation!

+ + +

Just a little rant: The debutante and her peeps borrowed my craft supplies for cutting the tags and ribbons, now they're done with their thing and playing Bingo while my supplies are nowhere to be found and my scissors have found it's way home with no cover.

Still missing are:

  • steel ruler
  • craft cutter
  • craft zigzag scissors
  • Sharpie
  • craft glue
Thanks God I didn't lend my newly bought cutting board or they would have murdered it as well! I am hating them more and more each day! Geez!


  1. I have actually thought about that thread holder idea, but have not tried it, since I keep forgetting to buy...but, I have lots of empty boxes of Cannon threads where i put my WIPs or stack my previous projects.
    Well, it is quite common for most people to not take care of craft tools and supplies.
    As for me, even with my sons, that's a problem. I have lost scissors, white glue, glue gun, etc... which cost me money to buy again, but they don't pay me back :p

  2. An empty box is just fine. I guess the rule with most crafters are being innovative and making use of the things around you, in my case, a CD pudding serves its purpose. It would be a waste not to use your empty boxes. :)

    Yeah, it won't be a problem if I myself lost my stuff but it's different if somebody borrowed it and not take care of it. I can be an OC sometimes and when that happens, I'm such a pain even to myself. My officemates saw it when I was handling my payslips. I still have them filed for almost three years. And it pisses me off when somebody borrowed a book and had it returned with folded pages. I even asked some of them to promise to take care of my stuff before lending it to them. I value my stuff so much and I hope that people will take care of it as well as long as it's in their possession.


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