For the sake of Halloween

It's really amusing why we Filipinos are so attached to our love ones and relatives that we still savor their existence despite the fact that they already passed away. Though I don't mind the long weekend, thanks to PGMA for doing this possible, we all have time to go back to where we came from and visit our relatives dead or alive.

But it's also amusing that we only bother about scary things during these times (and Holy Week.) And we are so foolish to scare each other with our own fears. I may not be the likes of the so called selected few with an open third eye or something but I don't want to be skeptical of the fact that these things might be true as well. It's still hard to believe if you haven't experienced it yet. And seeing something is not enough reason that such a thing exist and not seeing it is also enough reason to prove that it's not true.

Fear is a psychological thing. It's like a disease that's hard to cure once it got you infected. A disease that will eat your soul and suck in all your valid reasonings.

What the heck am I saying...

It's because of what Kris and I saw while driving along Katipunan Avenue a few hours ago. While driving along Katipunan Avenue, south bound, we saw a figure of a woman in long white dress and super long hair covering her face, in short a White Lady. Was I scared? No, not at all.

But I must admit that if I have seen it in my younger years, I would have been petrified.

The fact that not only me but also Kris saw it means that it's not just a fragment of my imagination. He even asked me if I saw it.,I said yes and we figured that they must be trippin' or something. For one, they tactically positioned a vehicle with too many early warning devices for you to not notice. Two, the location of the so called white lady is just a few meters away from the vehicle, and you can clearly see the image because of the headlight of the vehicle. Three, seeing the figure doesn't really give the creeps, at all.

Stating these facts, the group who did this foolishness must have strategically placed the car with so many warning devices for you to notice. Knowing that we are a bunch of curious beings, we would check out what's the problem as we pass by, as you pass by and decided that it's just a small thing, you go ahead and face the road and that's where the figure will catch your attention. They would have actually pulled it off if they have situated the girl a little farther where it is much darker and no distracting vehicle's around.

But seriously, do they really have to go to so much trouble just to scare people?

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  1. Could it be a segment on a t.v. show where they catch unknowing victim's reaction on video?
    ...and aren't you glad it was obviously a prank, what if it seemed too real...wouldn't you be terrified?


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