Swap Update 10032007

I am so glad that two of my partners received their package. Packages I mailed just last week and they received it sooner that I expected. I just wish that it works the same with the items being sent to me. It's been three weeks since my partner sent in her package and I haven't received it yet. Being flaked on my first swap is not a good experience.

Moving forward, just got home from the post office to mail some private swaps.

Here are some of the items I sent Wilma (sweetsugar) just because she posted in her swap that she wants something Filipino. She loves to cook so I sent a recipe postcard of Pastillas de Leche, the other postcard is about devotees of Sto. NiƱo Cebu because her Mom is from there. The other two on the right are for home decoration, it says East West, Home is Best and a fridge magnet that says I *heart* Philippines because she does love the country. I can't help but grant her wish.

This one is for Katie (k_k_k_katie) I tagged her in Send something local to the person above you and I just love spreading Filipino love. Sent her a notecard with an illustration of a Filipino vendor selling soybean custard (magtataho or a person that sells taho), a fridge magnet that says Pilipinas with an old house inspired from the Spanish era. I also sent her a postcard that has pictures of Manila's tourist spots.

I'm still anxiously waiting for my packages and I called the post office in this area to check if I have a package and I realized that they have a different personnel assigned for packages and letters and the postman for this area is not around. Ironically, the post office in Marikina is quite far in my current location while the Post Office's sub branch for Quezon City is near us. So don't get confused if your mail was postmarked in Quezon City and my address says Marikina. We are between boundaries of both cities. You just have to cross the street and you're in Quezon City.

I just hope that the postman here is just like Mang Danny, our postman in Manila. He's really nice and very honest.


  1. Stay patient - your packages will arrive!! The one's you sent out sound awesome! Oh - I posted a comment about lip balm (I don't know if you get updates or not)


  2. Thanks Ari, yes I receive emails every time my blog receive comments. :)


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