Eating Japanese

I'm into Japanese these days. Can't help it, Japanese food are so good. I have two favorite restaurant that I go to. One is in Makati beside my favorite Japanese grocery. That's one thing I missed in my previous job, it's so near these Japanese stores.

Katsudon and Miso Soup

These are my favorite rice toppings-soup combo. Katsudon got it's name from Tonkatsu which means pork cutlet and donburi for rice toppings. I don't know why but it seems that I'm the only person who likes Miso soup. I love miso soup mainly because of the tofu in it. As you may know, I love anything made of soy bean so that's already given plus it was said that miso soup is best to prevent certain cancer. Though Katsudon seemed easy to make, I still need to find some of the ingredients needed for miso soup (such as nori and dashi) but I read that there's miso soup in an instant pack so better look for it in my next visit. If you want to try other donburi, bento and ramen better visit Komoro Soba. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to see one of their Japanese chef cooking in the kitchen.

I have another favorite Japanese restaurant, Sango! It's a perfect place to hang out with Japanese and local friends. Main menu offers burger and fries with a twist. You gotta love their Master fries, I'm addicted to it! Why, you say so? It's made of thick fries topped with a special sauce and cheese with ketchup and onions on the side. Yummy! They also have some Japanese desserts and this is the perfect place to try Mochi and if you don't want to spend too much in any manga kissaten, visit this place for their manga, Japanese magazines and J-pop playing in the LCD screen.

Lastly, for this post are Meiji stuff. Meiji is pretty popular when it comes to chocolates.

You've seen my post regarding Apollo. Now here are my favorites.

Coffee Beat and Choco Baby

Obviously, Coffee Beat tastes like coffee and I'm just so addicted to them. And if you happen to see what's inside, it looks like coffee beans so it feels like you're eating raw coffee beans!

Choco Baby is just so awesome. I mean, who doesn't love chocolates? It looks hard in the photo but sure it's soft and you can try small doses of chocolates if you are on a diet (but not me!)

Though I fell in love in Macadamia and Almonds before but when I had my hands with these babies, I totally lost it.

Would you believe that I have tasted these two first before Pocky?


  1. My sons and I love japanese food too, though we seldom eat out...too expensive!
    me and my younger son, love the miso soup. We buy the instant (but real thing) at Rustan's supermarket.

  2. Thanks for the info Mimi. I'll check on that tomorrow. :)

  3. Having lived in Japan I am in love with Japanese food. There is only one place in my city that serves Katsudon and it's so expensive! I loveeeee donburi though <3 <3 <3 I am getting better at making it but I still have to improve!

    There is also miso paste that comes in a tub but you have to buy your own tofu and nori. That's what I use :)

  4. Yeah, authentic Japanese food is really expensive. Thank God the ramen are quite affordable. I'm gathering recipes of Japanese food but still haven't had the chance in making one. :(


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