Hiatus Update

So, I'm sort of MIA for the past two weeks and believe me, it was really unproductive. For one, I didn't touch any of my crafting tools because I am totally pissed of people borrowing my stuff and not returning it to where they got it. I really hate it when people barge into my cluttered corner and things totally got messy in my POV. It sucks, I'm OC with my own mess and I'm fine with it but when a single soul gets into action and invading my sanctuary, everything else will get affected. It makes me hate of everything around me resulting to a non-productive hiatus.

On the bright side, I received my very first mail in Swap-bot, for the 2008 Calendar Swap. It nice to receive a package when you least expect it. Heck, I've been anticipating for a mail sent last month instead I received something for Down Under sent via air mail and saved me from my distress after 10 days. I just love air mails, I don't care how much will it cost, as long as my partners receive their packages on time and spare them what I am feeling right now. Geez, that sounds so negative.

Anyway, the calendar I receive went straight to my wall without me taking a photo while the extra planner (with cute kittens) that comes with the package is awaiting for New Years Day.

Thank you so much Robyn from Australia!

As expected, the mailman doesn't recognize my last name, got lazy to figure out who the hell that person is and decided not to look for the address, so I haven't received the mail sent by Wendy of SB. So temporarily, I changed my address to my father's address, apparently the mailman there, Mang Danny is way more trustworthy than any other mailman in the Philippines. Hoping to receive mails this time. I still need to talk to the nearest PO for a lock box (which is a PO for the other city.) I just hope that the person there is more trustworthy than the ones in this city. I really want to open a lock box in Manila because I love the PO building there and as I've been saying, the personnels there are more trustworthy than anyone else and I have heard of so many complaints about the custom personnels in Marikina so that's enough reason to not trust that office.

Oh, another good news, I received a mail from Jana in Crochetville! It really brightens my day. It's nice to receive mail from everywhere.

So to the lovely folks in my Send To list, expect to receive your mails in about two weeks. I'll be sending them by the end of the month, that is if All Saints/Soul's Day won't get in the way. You know, remembering our dearly departed really is a big deal here in the Philippines. It's the time to visit graveyards and sort of reunion with other relatives.

Lastly, I got invites for Ravelry! Woohoo!!!


  1. I'm glad you gave a long update, I had been wondering what you were up to ;) Maybe joining on Ravelry would inspire you to finish projects or start new ones ;)

  2. Yup, I should be doing so many things now but I'm in a point where I can't really decide what. I just read manga all night long and spend half the day sleeping. I really should go to a place with no computer so my hand would be busy with something else. I just don't know where to go.


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