Abuse me more, I like it

Still awake.

Traveling from Marikina to Quezon Ave. to Gilmore to Cubao then to Marikina again on a motorcycle is not pleasant at all. Don't get me wrong, I do love traveling and again my sense of direction has been tested twice today. But I don't like the fact that we are being rushed to do such a thing because there will be an event six days from now. I'm not really sure how it happened, it's just that everyone assumed that I will do the invitation for them. That's a new exciting challenge to me and I'm up for it if I was informed first. I didn't even know that she will have a party on her 18th birthday.

I went to my father's place last weekend and when I came back, bam, I overheard them talking about their plans for the said party. They asked me what kind of paper to be used for an invitation, so I said the things that I know and what kind of paper to buy. They should have bought samples but they bought a whole lot of stock enough for the 60 invitations I am going to print tomorrow (rather later.)

Guess what, they bought the wrong paper. It doesn't say if it's for ink jet printer or not and yet they bought a whole lot of it because it's pretty and I specifically told them to buy ink jet friendly paper. And guess what, I'm not supposed to be in the effing list and I don't want to be there, let's say that they need someone to complete the list because the SOB step mother of the debutante wanted to include some people in the list and 18 treasures was made because the debutante doesn't want to change her 18 candles list. So yeah, I'm messed up because I still have to buy a gift for her and I don't feel like giving her one because of what's happening right now.

Back to the unwanted road trip, went back tired but my partner and I still have to fix the printer for the ink refill, my partner had a headache and I had dirty hands. And that's not all, I was asked to fix the effing invitation and I have to live up to their wishes of using old style of invitation but have to reduce it to 4.25" X 6.5" (in short 8.5" x 13" specialty paper cut into four!) As expected the test print sucked because it's not the right paper for the printer and the font sucks so it looks like blotted ink on specialty paper.

So after their approval for the template of the invitation, I have to do the front page, of course, I did edit in PS the picture that they gave me because, the background sucks and her shirt camouflaged on it. After hours of testing brushes, downloading, testing, downloading and testing of brushes, I have decided that's it, that's the best regimen I can do for their sucky invitation preferences. And I am not having high hopes with the test print in parchment later.

Really, it would have cost them less if they have opted for the printing press. And she would have made our lives a bit more peaceful if she didn't follow her stepmom's wishes.

As you can see, after all the creative output I have made in this project, I will never ever have the intention of being proud of it. I did not chose the materials, it is not my style and the printing sucks. I have modified it to make it better but to no avail.

Now, my hands are stained, have a splitting headache, very tired and will have a meeting with supposed client in 30 hours which I think to be postponed because there's no way I'll go to a meeting with dirty fingers. Think indelible ink in six colors staining your tips?!

Lessons learned.
  • Never accept jobs from people who have no respect for your own creativity
  • Never accept jobs from people who wont accept your suggestions
  • Never accept jobs from people who have no respect for you own time
So, yeah. I'm in a messed up mood so sue me.


  1. Oh my gosh, Gene, that really sucks! Sucks up your time, energy and creativity too :(
    I sort of understand that since my son also had similar gripes when he was editing video for a client. But then that was a paid job :p

  2. At least he's being paid for all the hard work.

    I didn't get paid for this and haven't heard a not single "Thank you!" Grateful are we?!

  3. I just wandered into the blog post, and oh my god, that was horrible! I'm really sorry to hear about all this, Gene. Good thing the job's done, and they ought to be grateful. Never again!


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