Quick Update

It's been so long since I last made an update and now I am making one in a hurry. Anyway, how have you been doing fine folks?

A lot of new things happened before the year end. I've got a new job! It happened so fast and now I'm already in my first vacation in the company. A friend referred me to a huge company, they called me on a Monday, had a schedule for exams and interview on a Wednesday, signed a contract on that same day and attended a New Hire Orientation on a Thursday. So fast I'm still grasping the fact that I am now employed after seven months. But I'm loving it. The people I'm working with during training were so helpful and it was so fun! I'm excited + nervous for the actual work.

Oh, did I say that I received my first pay? Yes, I did! And as soon as I had cash on hand, I went to Dream Yarns in Glorietta and bought three skeins of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Teal. I would have bought more if they have more Teal colors, though it looks gray + brown to me.

For now, training is on vacation and it will resume on the 26th of December. Hopefully I'll get to finish my new project with these yarns before the year ends. I'm on my second skein now and I still need to make a special order for these same colors. Really, really looking forward to that.

Lastly, my brother and his family are back home to spend Christmas here in Manila. They're still not used to the way Singaporeans celebrate Christmas. Well, we Filipinos give our all on this wonderful season and we celebrate Christmas longer than anybody else and I think no one can beat that. Three more days before the big day, we'll be off to Tagaytay to spend our Holidays there eating seafoods and enjoying the fresh air. I'm so excited I can't think straight, haha!

Wish me luck, I'm on my way to the salon and will have my two years worth of long hair chop off, well not really, maybe six inches short or even shorter. We'll see.

Enjoy your weekends!


  1. Sounds exciting Gene, congrats on your new job! Will you let me know where you're working now?
    I bet the cotton ease is expensive, isn't it great to have your own salary to spend for our wonderful hobby?
    Can't wait to see your new look ;)

  2. Thank you so much Mimi! Spending on your hobby with your money feels so good! It's a motivation at work, haha! I'm working in a travel agency catering to reservations online.

    The Cotton-Ease I think is the cheapest cotton-acrylic yarn. It's P320 per skein. I still need three more skeins to finish my current project.


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