Past and the Future

An FO, hear ye, hear ye!

I have been working on this starghan for two months now and it's finished! I am so proud of myself! My eagerness to finish this cutie is because of the fact that another friend of mine just gave birth to a baby girl and soon to be my third inaanak (godchild) for the year. What I am excited about is the other gift that I'm going to make for her. If my eagerness permit me to make a set of hat, mittens and booties then I would gladly do so. The baby has been through a lot while she's inside her mother's womb so this is really good news that she's healthy, alive and kickin', yeah!

Notice the two new cotton threads that I bought, they look so yummy. Unfortunately, the brown one (lower left) isn't really nice to work with, it's so tough and I just learned that it has been discontinued. Gosh! Christmas is fast zooming in and I have been slacking of with my projects, bad Gene. If only I could find some sort of motivation or inspiration. Anyway, the Christmas Tree is up and all I need is to write Santa for my wishlist, yoohoo, Santa!

My Christmas (Short-term) Wishlists are 1) all the yummy and soft yarns in the world; 2) different types of hook that can work with the lovely yarns I wished in #1; 3) pattern books with wonderful wearables; 4) Super yummy, all organic lip balm; and 5) very effective skin moisturizer.

These are the things that I so wanted ASAP and yet so out of reach. One good way to cheer me up is look at the wonderful Japanese craft books that I just had and daydream on the projects while sipping my coffee.

I am such a Queen of Unfinished Business.


  1. That baby afghan is a lovely gift! Congrats on finishing it...

    I still have a lot of those multicolor Anchor threads, how much did you get it each? The discontinued one is size 8, and its pure cotton, that's why it doesn't glide on the hook, unlike the mercerized. But I've tried working with it, and if you get used to it its also nice. Maybe you should try to use a bigger hook with it.

  2. Love the baby afghan! And the color is so pretty. What color/yarn is it?
    What kind of wearable patterns are you asking Santa for? I may have some lying in my patterns that I will never use. If so, then mabye Santa's Florida Elf can help out there. lol

  3. Hi Mimi!

    I got the Anchor threads for p45 each in Tutuban. I didn't go to the heart of Divisoria because it's so crowded and I have my nephew with me. I was actually hoping that it would be softer since it's not mercenized, I should have known better. Anyway, at least I have two colorful thread to use for small projects that require Fall colors.

  4. Thanks Jana! That's so sweet of you! I haven't really figure out what kind of wearables that I could make, but if you have some spare patterns somewhat similar to this, kimono style tops or Five O’Clock Tank (CrochetMe) kind of tops that I can put over a shirt or anything at all is greatly appreciated. :)

    I used Red Heart Soft Baby Twinkles in Baby Yellow for the Starghan. It's a very light color of yellow with specks of blue and red at the most.

  5. Hey Gene ~ I have yet to look thru my patterns for wearables. But I have not forgotten. Do you have the pattern you mentioned above? Have you tried it yet? Looks like it would be hard.


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