Where was I?

Kris and I treated his family to a trip to co-co-cold Tagaytay City to celebrate Christmas and the birthday of his father which is also December 25th. A two-hour drive was cut into only an hour, less traffic of course. As expected, the Picnic Grove was packed and we had a hard time looking for a cottage with a decent view.

We ate a lot, roamed the Eco-trail. Hang-out near the slope. Took silly pictures. Laughed a lot. Ate a lot. Ate Mushroomburgers. Bought souvenirs. Visited a family friend in the city near Tagaytay. Took a lot of fruits home then slept in the van on our way home.

Taal Volcano

Despite the fact that there's a slight drizzle and the cold weather in the park, we made the most of our stay there and spent a lot of time enjoying the view and filling our lungs with fresh air.

How was your Christmas?


  1. I had been away...forgot if I was able to greet you Merry Christmas. Anyways, Happy New Year Gene! Saw your new hairdo, I think it becomes you. How's work? and do you have any FOs lately? My pics cannot be loaded from here, but maybe tomorrow night I'll be posting some. Again, Happy New Year!

  2. No FO lately, :( my working fingers are on vacation as well, haha! Happy New Year Mimi!


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