Magazines + Fabric

Yesterday was so fun! I met Kathy-chan, a friend from my previous employment and we ate from one Japanese restaurant to another. But before that, I received my gift to myself, a Moleskine (mol-a-skeen-a) Red Limited Edition Twin Set of Weekly Diary + Notebook! I am loving my new planner plus the red color of the set matches my favorite Nike bag.

And again I was blessed with a couple of Japanese craft books from my Santa and was lucky enough to get a hold of Adorn Summer and Spring 2007 and Crochet Today! July/August 2007 in Booksale. I was so glad because I love the patterns I've seen in Ravelry in that particular Crochet Today! release. Really looking forward in making those projects as soon as I received the lovely yarns I ordered online.

I must say that my lady luck is working overtime because finally this girl has found a local store selling Japanese fabrics! Woohoo! I only bought a yard because really, I felt foolish enough for buying fabric for a future project when I still haven't found the perfect sewing machine yet.

Short term goal: To find the perfect yet compact sewing machine before January 2008 ends.

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  1. Where did you buy the Moleskine notebook and did it cost a fortune?
    Btw, my 2 sons love the Starbucks planner, and already have it. But my Mom wants it too, though she's too late to fill up the card. Do you know anyone selling it?


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