Fan Bookmark

It's done! My first ever bookmark! And yet I am saying goodbye (already?!?) to this lovely bookmark and already on it's way to California together with the Christmas card.

I saw this first in Mimi's blog months ago, the pattern that was shared by one generous Crochetville member named cupcake. She's a very talented mom from Australia and just by looking at those colorful bookmarks made me want to create one myself, and I finally did it. Just in case, this pattern was a total hit in C'ville that I think, almost everyone in the forum made this and now making it's own noise in Ravelry. But if you're not a member of these two wonderful groups, you can go ahead and visit the creator's blog and say thank you after you've made one. I just did it myself.

Pattern: Fan Bookmark by Crochetroo

Well, if you can't crochet but would like to see and have her wonderful creations, go visit her Etsy shop and you might want to add one or two of the items that she have there.

For this project, I used Monaco Cotton Thread Ombre size 8 and 1.75mm steel hook. Most of the bookmarks (like this) are actually required to block with fabric stiffener but we don't have that locally. So I asked my ever dependable crochet buddy Mimi for suggestions and she said that it would work using a mixture of water and glue but the lazy me didn't do that but I found a cheaper alternative. The technique that we all used when we were kids when we found this wonderful flower and want to preserve it, yes, that's it! I lay it flat between the pages of a hard book then add another hard book on top of it, let is sit for a whole day and viola. It's flat and the texture is still soft and nice to touch.

It's guaranteed super easy and fast plus the result is really really amazing. Just look at it for yourself. I think I'll make more using the new threads that I recently purchased.

Please look forward to it.


  1. Pretty! I like the color that you used. I think it is indeed the most popular bookmark so far ;)

  2. Thank you Mimi! Yes, it's so popular I can't restrain myself making one. My plan is to make it more popular by sending it to most of my mailing list that I think would appreciate it.

  3. Beautiful bookmark! I love the colors.

  4. It looks good. Great job. I like the color you used.

  5. Thank you ladies! I used Monaco Cotton Thread Ombre and I think it's only avilable here in the Philippines but there are blogs selling these yarns for ordering online. :)

  6. the bookmark is beautiful!! Oh, and I've tagged you - holiday style :)

  7. That's really pretty, you're very clever!

  8. Thanks Melissa! Cupcake is way more clever than me for making the pattern. I just followed her instructions. :)


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