Thank you Spot.PH

I won, I won, I won!

Amazing how it took me two weeks to keep this secret inside. I have to wait for the Holy Week to end then forgot about it for another week then DK have to claim it because his building is just across Spot.PH's office. I won some premium items from their Cop Out Promo.

The contest is about an action movie starring Bruce Willis so it is expected that the shirt and the hat came in mens sizes. DK said that I can wear it to sleep because the shirt is so soft but I told him that he can keep it since I am already wearing most of his shirts from Team Manila that are too small for him.

If only I still have the shirt I won from MTV Asia, I can start a collection of won t-shirts. DK and I both received a Collateral t-shirt from them.


  1. Lucky. I've never won anything online. Haha

    PS - My website was busted for a while. It's back up but I lost some content and your comments (that I really treasure). BIG SAD but life goes on, yeah? Adding you to my blogroll again. :)

  2. bongga! you're always a winner....what a lucky lady! taya ka kaya ng mega lotto Gene...joke...ehehhehe! congratulations!

    sensya na ngayon lang me napadpad ulit....:) thanks for leaving a comment...nako, walang singer sa amin...bothh hubby and I can't sing...but we love music...ehehhehe....baka si Akesha ang tutubos sa amin when it comes to singing....lol!

  3. hi Mami Gene, dalaw me ulit dito...mukhang busy ka ata ah....any updates? hehehe....:)

    salamat pala sa dalaw and for leaving a birthday greetings for Akesha...salamat ulit....:)

    hugs and kisses kay Una...have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Bongga ka dhay2x sige lang2x itaas ang kilay! hehehe, grabeh sis ha, your experiments are all awesome. Winner ka palagi!


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