Where was I?

Oh, yeah. I was busy being emo for the last couple of days. I blame it to heat, hormones and broken promises. Not my favorite week, really.

What sucks is that I can't do anything about it. Unless you can suggest a remedy for my delayed period which is pretty much giving me cramps all day long for the past week. Not to mention the boxes of tampons taunting me. I decided to stock up on those little bishes whenever I have the chance because you'll never know how it goes with the tampon supply here. Just like when I had Ms. Flow last month and there's the scarcity of tampons and have to suffer through the awkward feeling of having always damp pad all day long no matter how super absorbent said pad is, but lo and behold after Ms. Flow's departure I found them stocked up in Watson's. Such a pain, I'm telling you.

I wonder if I should go back on the pill. I love the non-Ms Flow visits last year BUT I hate the headaches and falling hair and more messed hormones. So, that's a no.

Anyway, I'll stop my bish-y rambling now. I just want to let you know I'm still alive, just pretending to be busy while staking my friends in FB.


  1. feel better

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  2. oh my....I hate taking pills....and I hate my monthly period as well...lol...well, just part of being a woman...hehehehe!

    hope all is well dear....:) glad to hear from you!

  3. aysus sis, ok lang yan, take it easy and relax. Me, I'm scared coz I might be pregnant again. I didn't have my period for two months already. Oh well, will leave it in God's hands.


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