Unplanned Visit

Wednesday morning was hard for us. Una was having a hard time sleeping and she's been crying all night and we couldn't make her stop. She would insist on going out and knock on her Grandparents room. After having a short walk outside, we attempted to put her back to sleep but she would just start crying again once she noticed that we're heading inside. So I figured a drive would help her sleep, then I decided to have a change of scenery for once and made an impromptu visit to Papa's house in Manila. Good thing he was still home and was able to handle his dog Popeye.

Una holding my old Japanese phrasebook while watching TV

It's been a while since we went to Papa's house and I miss the comfort of growing up in that place. I used to hate it but I actually love and miss that home now. I guess I miss the alone time I always have there. My father was really strict when we were growing up but tried not to hover anymore when I started working.  So I was left in my own devices and I was a happy gal. I really miss my DVD collection and my books though it's a good thing I was too lazy gathering all of my collection and transferring it to Marikina, Ondoy would have destroyed them all. Que horror!

Papa and Popeye

Meet Papa and Popeye. If you happen to see me in person and notice some scars on my face, it's all Popeye's fault. Believe it or not, I've been bit by Popeye on the face, twice, at exactly a year apart. The scars are really not that obvious anymore, thank God for that by the way. But it was nasty when I was bit. The first one resulted into 12 stitches: 3 on the side of the nose, 3 on the cheeks and 6 around the lips. The second hit gave me 5 stitches, all around the lips. Of course I received massive doses of vaccines and as you notice, Popeye is still alive. Plus Popeye is a controlled dog, he only stayed at home and eat clean food. He would have not survived after the first accident because Papa, despite of loving Popeye so much decided to just let him go but I refused because it was not the dog's fault. We were actually playing when it happened and let's just say that Popeye cannot control his strength. So yeah, the story of my scars. And Popeye is actually good for Papa, he is his only companion and he's like a baby to him. See how affectionate they are to each other?


  1. wow!anong breed si popeye Gene? wawa ka pala...nakagat ka ng sarili nyong aso....buti alang rabies si popeye.....

    oh my, ganyan talaga ang mga bata minsan....pag super fussy si Akesha, I give her a bath to calm her down....try mo din yan kay Una....:)

    dito sa US d uso ang unplanned visit...hehehe....na miss ko ang culture sa pinas.....:)

  2. Ohh naku naman. I am thanks ful that I am through on that stage with my boys. Glsd there are big enough to dress them selve even.
    Popeye reminds me of our dog Lazi, when I got bit by that dog twice and I still have the scra on my hands.

  3. @Dhemz I'm not sure what breed Popeye is. His vet said he's a third generation mix with beagle or basset hound considering his color, built and komang na legs.

    I've been wanting to give nightly baths to Una pero my in-laws and hubby are so old fashioned. Sisipunin daw kaya punasan na lang which I personally think is not really helpful.

    @Liza I can't wait for Una to be independent. But I think we still have to go through the gruesome potty training and brushing the teeth phase before learning to dress herself. Una is a bit clingy these days. She used to love staying with my hubby's Tito next door pero simula ng may nagka-chicken pox sa kanila, quarantined muna sa kwarto si Una, parang nagtampo yata, akala hindi na siya love sa kabilang bahay, hehehe!


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