Joyful Parenting, just the Food Demo

Since I forgot to make a blog post about Joyful Parenting event last Sunday, I will just share what I received from them.

In the bag: Avent items, CordLife information packet, and discount coupons for Avent and Goody

It's such a shame I came in late to this event, with the unexpected visitors who arrived while I was getting ready to leave for the event and Una's accident I missed all the talk about motherhood and breastfeeding. But I did arrive during the cooking demo and I love it! The food were easy to make, has lots of veggies on it and very tasty! I will definitely make time to try them for myself, especially the pesto pasta with malunggay and Cajun chicken.
I didn't expect a lot of mommies attending the event but there were many of them with their kids and some daddies too. I didn't get to take photos of the cooking demo because I was holding a sleeping Una on a sling. With the hot weather these days, it's really hard for her to get a decent nap so I took advantage of the cool AC in the mall. There were also a lot of raffle prizes, I was actually hoping for the breast pump but I was unlucky. The pregnant lady sitting beside won a breastfeeding book. 

I'm really looking forward to attending next year's event. I hope by then, there will be no more accidents and I will be able to attend on time.


  1. wow! freebies....love freebies.....:)

  2. wow, gene, looks like you're in good blogging circulation. In contrast, i've been inactive for almost a month.nice to visit you back here. =) happy easter!


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