Cyber Boost Marikina 2010

I cannot believe I forgot about this event. We received an invitation to this event being as one of the few internet cafes in our area that have the permit to operate. It's actually required iCafe owners in Marikina to be a member of ICAM (or Internet Cafe Association of Marikina) before being issued a business permit. With DK doing the technical stuff in the computer shop, MIL also assigned him to be her representative in their meetings. Obviously, we forgot to attend the event and just realized when we went to the mall and saw some gay cosplayers with the closing remarks of the program. It's not a big deal event but it's nice to be there and be in the know of the latest gadget news.

Anyway, because Una was shared of the cosplayers and was clinging to me like a monkey, I have no choice but try to take photos with my phone with one hand. Sorry for the blur but you can pretty much distinguish the contestants awesome costumes. Too bad, I wasn't able to have a photo opp with the The Queen of Hearts' soldier. His costume is pretty cool and very much alike with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. See the red costume with the number 3 on the shoulder on the left side of the photo?


  1. wow...bongga ha...ehhehehe..:)

    a quick dalaw here mami dear...babalik ako bukas...sleepy head na kasi ako...ingat!

  2. I was there, too. I'm glad to know that we are from the same place. Just want to say that majority of i-cafés in Marikina City have business permits.

    If your i-café happened to be somewhere in Brgy. Tumana, you are are correct that there are just a few there with business permits and this is because of a legal case in court which need to be settled first before the businesses there can be issued with the necessary permits.

  3. hi sis! yes, sponsors may join the contest. :)

  4. I think I saw a Dragon Ball character in the pictures. I really find it awesome if you can go to an event and wear costumes like those. It will be quite an experience.


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