Goodbye March

Time flies so fast! It's already the end of March and summer officially started with the Holy Week. Vacation hot spots all over the Philippines are expected to be filled with families spending some fun under the sun on this long holiday. There used to be a lot of pabasa during Holy Week but we don't see much of them anymore. I didn't participate in reading pasyon but the rhyming chants of poetic prayers is kind of nostalgic to me, our neighbors used to hold pabasa when I was younger. And that's really rare to experience since I spent most of my life in Manila. Now that I live in the sub-urban part of the Metro, there is still not much going on around here. My guess is that this Catholic practice was kept preserved by those who live in the province and was passed through their younger generation.

When I was working, I love to take work loads during these days. There's nothing much to do on Holy Week in the city, the malls and most establishments are closed so I would take advantage of the double pay offers by our company to work on these days. Plus, it's nice to travel to work on Holy Week, not much traffic on the road.

This year, we won't be having any out of town trips on Holy Week because DK is working with clients who are living in the US. Hmnn, walking in the park nearby sounds wonderful though.

What do you have planned on Holy Week?

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  1. planning to do visita iglesia with my sisters and mom

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