For the love of Dilis

Dilis or long-jawed anchovy is one of my favorite Filipino food. In other countries, dilis or commonly known worldwide as anchovies are this itsy-bitty common saltwater fish that are usually included in complicated pasta dishes or even as an eclectic pizza topping but here in the Philippines, dilis is as down to earth as any Juan dela Cruz. Internationally, it may come in preserved bottled goodness that needs just one fish to enhance the flavor of your dish but here in the Philippines, dilis are dried into perfection and can be bought by kilos in your nearest wet and dry market.
As humble as this little fish is, you don't need to be an expert in the kitchen to get it's crispy goodness. Just stir fry desired amount of dilis into a hot wok with some cooking oil until it's golden brown and perfectly crisp. Throw in some tomatoes and a dash of salt and viola. Crispy dilis to perfectly matched your newly steaming hot rice... yum! Add some vinegar to side if you'd like some kick to your dish... double yum!

Did I mentioned that this is pretty cheap? With a rough estimate, a serving of  this dish is just $ 0.25. Affordable but good. I love Pinoy food!

What's your dinner today?


  1. Aaaah, dilis. I miss the crisp, salty smell of it cooking early morning in the kitchens. I have fond memories of it being cooked amazingly crisp, served with piping-hot rice, tomato slices, and hot chocolate.

    wow, I got myself hungry. Now look what you made me do. XD

  2. My mouth just watered. For realz. Haha. YUM!

  3. @Jonette This food also make me nostalgic. I guess breakfast food are always nostalgic. It's breakfast food to us, right? Just like tuyo and champorado.

    @Meream definitely drool worthy.

  4. mas masarap yan with fried rice, fresh tomatoes w/ patis or vinegar w/ minced garlic, ay namiss ko tuloy tagal ko na di nakakain nyan LOL..

  5. mama mia...nakakamis ang dilis! mahal ito sa filipino store...d na .25 cents...lol!

  6. it looks good with Tomatoes! The combination looks perfect! .25 cents per serving is not bad!

  7. i tried that before when i vaca'd in the philly a couple years ago... i dont really like fish to begin with sooo i wasnt surprised that i didnt like it at all lol
    super cheap though, it's crazy how it's only 25 cents!!!


  8. i was just dreaming about dilis & tomatoes the other night! sarap! my favorite, next to daing na galunggong! :-)


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