6.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Metro Manila

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The kids in the shop said they were getting dizzy and felt like it's having an earthquake. I'm not really sure if it's because I became numb when it comes to earthquake because I was traumatized when I was in grade school and experienced having our school's ceiling collapsing in the front row of seats of our classroom.Even if that's the case, I'm entirely sure if it's a good thing.

Did anyone feel this?


  1. I did. I was working at my sewing machine early this afternoon. I sat back and rested on my tall, three-legged stool. I felt the shake, and I thought "Oh... I must be putting on weight."

  2. We didn't feel it here in Fairview. My son was in school and he didn't even know about the earthquake until I told him when he came home.

  3. I felt it here in our office in QC, 5th floor kami. Felt it from start to finish.

  4. Yup. I was in front of the computer and we're in 39th floor so it was hard to miss it. hihi. ako din takot, like you parang numb din ang feeling. kung lumakas pa yun, baka mauna ako magcollapse bago ung ceiling. wahaha.

    siguro yung earthquake na sinasabi mo noon eh nung 1991. ako din super trauma non. gang ngayon alam ko pa din ung pakiramdam at kung anong nangyare.

    buti di nga mashado malakas eh. katakot no, kase may anak tayo na iisipin. huhu

  5. @fedhz Yup, that's the traumatic earthquake that caused my numbness. Thank God hindi masyado randam dito sa amin.


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