Young at heart

Or maybe just childish.

Have you ever experienced looking at kiddie toys then realized that you want to have it not for your kid but to keep for yourself? I always have that kind feeling whenever we visit any toy stores.

Growing up in a family with only one parent working for the 5 of us and my stay at home mom, we don't get that much budget for toys. If I remember correctly, I only had three toys that I grew very fond of: a rug doll, a baking set (that Santa gave to me,) and a doll house made by my father. When my doll depleted into just a rug and there were no more clays to bake, I spent my childhood days playing with my siblings outside and making paper dolls and clothes out of comics and magazines. Despite having no extra budget for toys, my parents tried their best to provide us with our most wanted toys.

But with the new technology, you just can't imagine how toys evolve into something much more. Just imagine buying one of those Science kit for kids in grade school and have an erupting volcano in your own home. Well, I didn't buy that particular kit for the lack of space in our home but I left the store a happy girl. I bought one of those Sudoko kits for a very cheap price I got a tray with many holes like the one in Mastermind with numbered pegs and 100 puzzle to solve. Cool, huh.

Now I got distracted just by talking about toys. Let's go back to what I originally planned to post. So I was being a good follower and reading these blog posts of the lovely people all over the world and saw this cool indoor tee-pee by Moozlehome.
Just look at that! I used to make forts out of blankets and umbrellas and now they have this! Isn't it a beauty? It's very expensive too so I'll just look at it from this post.

Hmnnn... I wonder if I can make this on my own, big enough to fit me. *squinting eye with concentration*


  1. That is pretty! I remember my blanket forts. I used to pierce the corners of them blankets on random nails to keep them up. That did not make my mum very happy. Hahaha

  2. @Meream I used my mother's clothespins to hold my blankets and umbrellas were my "wall".


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