Trigger happy no more

I miss taking photos.


  1. You know what? ditto. specially with my Holga. It was good when I still had extra cash to put into this, but now... I guess things have changed. :)

    But if you still have your SLR/DLSR with you, wow. You still have a lot of possibilities in there for you. :) Take care of it; you never know when you'll be able to dust it off and set it a-clicking again one day. :)

  2. We still have it with us but it's too heavy to bring whenever we're going out. With Una not wanting to stay on the stroller plus the weight of her diaper bag, I sometimes wished we bought a decent P&S instead. But the DSLR are being used for ID pictures in the in-laws computer shop, I guess it is still a worthy investment.

  3. oh my...ganda kaya ng DSLR....I wish to have one someday...kaya lang mahal eh....hehehhee!

  4. nice camera :) how much it cost? here USD$1500 depend on what lense too


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