Daddy Mischief

The caption to this figurine cracks me up!

You'd probably heard some adults making a joke about doctor and a patient who eats corn. If you don't, I'm not sure if I can pull it off like how my father and uncle delivers it. They're a bit crazy and crass with their jokes and I admit that they could be a bit disgusting.

Back to the photo above. We've been munching on corn on the cob recently. Actually we have it weekly as an afternoon snack last month. Una is in the time of her age where she gets curious about anything, especially food. It's their nature to put most of the things in their mouth just to recognize it and learn about the things they are curious about. So when we were eating corn, she's begging to try it, with it's lovely yellow color and the aroma of butter waking up all her senses. And with her being young, I'm afraid that her stomach won't handle it (I actually have that crappy joke as a reference) so I forbid Una to eat corn. 

DK, being the good daddy that he is and couldn't bear his daughter begging for food, gave Una some of it. Of course, he's smart enough that he didn't tell me sooner about what he did. I learned about their mischief the next day when Una poop and some yellow stuff welcomed me when I looked into her soiled diaper. 


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  2. Dear gene, sorry about the deleted post. I realized there were a few words horribly misspelled, and I couldn't just let it go. would you forgive a finicky English teacher?"


    Nyahahahaha! what a laugh! Yes, DK has been a naughty devil for letting Una have some. Ah well, all in the name of discovery and experimentation, although the results are all left to you. Eek. :S

  3. Ah, corny poop... that's a true delight, lol


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