Free music in Yahoo! Music

I seldom get to listen to the radio anymore but we do listen to our favorite station on road trips or via streaming online. Sometimes I'm in a mood for some nostalgic music and I seldom get to listen 90s music anymore unless it is requested on the radio or we play it from our mp3 collection. And with the number of times we move the files from the shop's server to the laptop then to the portable hard disk drive, we get confused where we transferred them all. Well, I get confused because I don't want DK or anyone for that matter touching my things. It disturbs my mental map and get lost with my own clutter. Plus I hate DK's filing system. Imagine opening a folder with sub-folders named New Folder to the nth power. Crazy right? I mean, is it so hard to type a few words to differentiate those folders?

Point being, I get stressed just looking for said songs. There are times I would bug DK to access the laptop remotely from his office just to find it for me but most of the time I have to just suck it up and do the searching on my own. By the time I see those files, I was no longer in the mood for listening to the music I was looking for in the first place and just focus on renaming and arranging the sub-folders he made.

Thankfully, he did his unromantic way of pleasing me and introduced me to Yahoo! Music. Not only do I get to listen to the kind of music I am in the mood for on certain times but there is also an option to listen to kids music for Una, especially the Lullaby music. I especially love the non-English lullabies.Ah, I love free music.

Do you have Yahoo! Music installed in your YM?

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Have you seen the Eclipse trailer? I can't wait for that one!


  1. Thanks for sharing this info about free music. I imagine it could be there but I haven't tried it =)

  2. glad to be here again Gene...thanks sa dalaw! yep, Akesha did like Alice...and she won't stop talking about it...it was an "ok" movie for me....lol! I still love Avatar though....:)


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