Beautiful girl?

We have a new girl in the house and I've never been more insecure in my whole life, especially now that I have short hair.

Can you guess who this person is? Read more to unveil the shocking truth.

The shot still made the person look girly but that's actually DK. DK is short for Daddy K. The little curious girl is Una who ironically looks like a boy due to his dad's genes and the lack of hair growth. 

I have always been insecure with DK's hair. He always receive decent hair cut on cheap salons while my hair always gets murdered, expensive salons not an exception here. I think the gay and female stylists are a bit bias on him. Our college friends used to tease him and his lesbian hair. Actually his haircut usually resembled those who are in a rock band with layered hair touching their nape, looking all hot and masculine. Well DK used to have his hair styled like that but instead of looking masculine he achieved looking like a girl thus the term lesbian hair. No harm intended with the term though. I have lesbian friends, one of which is a godparent of Una and I love her dearly and her partner.


  1. Hehehe I really thought it was a girl.

  2. Haha! I can totally understand the sentiment. What's Daddy K's hair-care regimen? Just mighty curious how much he puts into it. :)

  3. That's what makes me insecure because he doesn't have any. I believe he mentioned one time that he used soap when they ran out of shampoo. It has tangles but it looks really good. The tangles can be attributed to his laziness in combing it. So unfair!

  4. ... what? Not even conditioner? Wow, you'r man's hair must be something special. D:

    James once told me he tried growing his hair out, just enough to cover his eyes completely and for him to tie it in a short ponytail behind him. He later tired of it and went back to sporting short hair.

    Well, let's hope Una gets her dad's low-maintenance hair. ^_^"

  5. gosh! dko na realize na haba pala ng hair nya...ahhahaha...para nga syang babae pag naka talikod...lol!

    mahirap kaya magmaintain ng long hair....like Akesha when she was at Una's age...wala din sya hair....ehehehe!

    am sure one of these days...dadami na hair ni una....ehehehe!

    thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my post gene....ahhaha....I think the sign was unscrewed...kaya na upside down...lol!

  6. awww! hahah he really looks like a girl :) nainsecure din daw ako bigla hahah

  7. waaah! kainggit nman hair nya! :-) i can't grow my hair very long kasi wavy...ndi kagandahan tignan. LOL!

    btw sis, thanks for the bday greetings! march baby ka din pla! :-)

  8. hello, just dropping by, i do hope you can join my contest too.

  9. haha..so funny Gene! Oo nga ganda ng hair nya.
    I can understand not getting a decent haircut in the salons, that's my problem too :p
    I love Una's pose!

  10. he has a beautiful long hair. kakainggit kasi kulot ako eh.


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