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Una loves going on a road trip. I guess she got that trait from me. She's actually familiar with the sound of our car alarms. She also made a bond with DK's Uncle. They would take her everyday on a school day to fetch her Tita Nessie from school. And whenever she's in our car, she would fuss over the radio buttons and adjust the AC or even go to DK's side to hold the wheel.

Left: September 2009. Right: January 2010

We still have to buy a car seat for Una but with all of her vaccine expenses, it's just so darn expensive to purchase a decent car seat for her. But we are pushing to get one for her as soon as we're done with the car loan by he end of May. It's all about her safety after all.

While we don't have that car seat yet, I have to think of ways of amusing her once she's stuck behind the seat belts.

What do you recommend Mommies?


  1. maybe it's gonna be a struggle at first to put her in a carseat since malaki na kasi sya, unlike my boys na since they were born,naka car seat na at talagang sanay na kaya wala ng reklamuhan.
    good luck and I hope you can buy a good carseat that will suit her needs and you are right, safety first!

  2. oh my...she is so adorable! hope you guys can get a decent car seat for Una soon...am sure you will...:)

  3. I'm your newest follower :) It's amazing to see how our kids grow up, your daughter is so cute! Car seat are uncomfortable for George, he's a stubborn little guy. Una will probably like the seat :)

  4. nakow i dont know what to recommend kasi our kiddo doesnt use one.. she doesnt like to be restrained when inside the car eh.. but dont follow me ha :) u need to have one! cute photos sis!

    u may view mine here

  5. hi sissy :) dont worry ganyan din bebe ko before kasi onti hair heheh and yeah she was sleeping nun ;)

  6. Hindi kasi masyado uso car seat dito but when you can, try to get one especially if you travel a lot :)

  7. Congrats! You're almost done na pala with your car loan. Malaking kaginhawaan yun.

    And true that the vaccines are so expensive :(

    Pareho sila ng daughter, nipis din ng buhok nung pinanganak :D

  8. well, i wasnt successful in using the car seat... hope you will be successful in that area! happy mommy moments!


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