7DSB projects + Knitting lessons

I made another set of my pattern, this time in variegated orange color.

And here is Mimi's red version. (Thanks for the correction in the pattern!)


I never thought that it would be sooner for me to learn how to knit. Thanks to Mona (a knitter buddy I met in Ravelry) for sharing some YouTube links about some great tutorials. I am happy to announce that I'm a self-taught knitter, LOL! Luckily I already bought a pair of knitting needles last year in Craft World. The bad thing is I don't know the size of the needles and it's only 7 inches long. I can only make washcloths with these needles but I don't mind at all, I think it's a great project for newbie knitters such as myself. I'm not sure if it's normal for newbies but I swear the tips of my index fingers are sore now because of the needles. Is it always so?


  1. Hi Gene, don't worry about the sore fingertips... some knitters use masking tape to protect their fingers. You'll get used to it, I guess. It comes from pushing new stitches down the needle. I've formed a sort of callus on my left middle finger.

  2. I can't believe it, I had an afternoon nap and dreamed of actually buying them in a store so familiar in my dreams but can't recall where that store is... But I swear there are knitting needles with lights! Really weird!


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