Baby Mittens

While Baby Ichi is busy kicking mommy's ribs painfully, I finally decided to let go of re-reading (for the nth time) The Twilight Series and pick-up that dusty hook and new ball of white cotton thread to make something for the little kicker.

These mittens are based on Mimi's free pattern and the same goes for the star appliques. I chose red, a unisex color, as a contrasting color because we still don't know the gender of the nudger.

The pattern is so easy you can whip up this pair in a short span of time and actually make lots of it. I think I'll be needing more practice again with the hook, my stitches are a bit too tight for me. If you have Ravelry account, do check out my page for more details about this project.


  1. Hi Gene,

    Thanks for the kind words about my mom's recovery and the knitting. I've been looking at the stuff you've crocheted and they're great! I know how but mostly now I just use it for finishing knitted objects and as borders. But my sister Incredible Joie crochets. She has done a few of Mimi's patterns but has not yet joined Ravelry.

    I hope your dad gets better soon. Sending out prayers for a healthier, more enjoyable life for him :) I bet he's looking forward to Baby Ichi!


  2. Your pictures look so good, Gene!
    Hope you and baby ichi are perfectly fine.


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