Shell Bag

Something I made over the weekend...

This is by far the most difficult project I've ever done. But that won't stop me in finishing it. Spent my weekend nights finishing this little cutie and it's all worth the exhaustion over the edging. This is a pattern by Mutsuko Kishi from Keito Dama Spring 2008. I think this will be my favorite bag from now on. It's spacious enough for my Moleskine pocket planner, pre-natal record book, bulky wallet, cellphone, keys and pens. My only regret is not lining it. The lining should be made before doing the edging but working mostly at night doesn't give me enough daylight time to go to the store and buy some fabric but I love the bag, lining or no lining.

When I showed this baby to my brother's girlfriend, she wanted it herself! There's no way she's gonna make me give this to her, haha! She always wanted my bags anyway, like my tote bag from TeamManila so I offered if she really want it, she'll have to buy the yarns. She said yes, so I think I'll be needing another visit to the craft store to buy some yarns/threads in her choice of color.

If you're in Ravelry, please visit my page for more info regarding this Shell Bag.


  1. That is soooo pretty!!!!! I have yet to make a bag and that one may end up on my queu soon!

  2. Thanks Liz! This is definitely a must have in your to do list, it's just so lovely!

    As soon as I'm done finishing it, I transferred all my stuff in it, haha!

  3. Its awesome...I love it, Gene! The recent bags I made are quite small. I will have to make one like this, for me ;)
    As always, wonderful shot!

  4. Thanks Mimi! You should make this one, I just love the cabled edging despite the difficulty it brought me, haha!

  5. idol pagawa bonnet. xdeal. haha!

  6. hii, I never seem to be able to get the pattern for this
    even on Ravelry
    cld you possible just post the link on here?

  7. Hi Mitali, here is the link to the pattern page of the bag in Ravelry.


  8. Hi- the link is no longer active- Can you be so kind as to post your copy online?
    Much appreciated!
    Thank you.

  9. The link is still available online, you have to be a member of Ravelry to view it. :) Or you can find it in Keito Dama Spring 2008 edition.


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