Let's eat!

I love Japanese food! And it's just recently that I have the courage to try making one. I cooked kare raisu (curry rice) for K-kun on our 5th Anniversary. This is the first time his family tried Japanese food (would you believe?) and my first time cooking Japanese curry. The dish is so easy I wondered why I only tried it now.

And just this week, his mom asked me to cook my dish. I told them it's beef curry but they would still refer it as your dish. It's quite understandable because here in the Philippines, we have a known dish called Chicken Curry wherein we use Indian curry (which is yellow in color) instead of the Japanese curry which is brown in color. This time, I made sure to take a photo of it.

I'm just so proud of it! The beef is tender, same with the potatoes and carrots. and I love the sweetness of the carrots. I'm still perfecting the consistency of the sauce but the taste is so awesome K-kun couldn't help but hug me non-stop. I'll have to try beef curry in other restaurants to compare what still need to be done to perfect the taste of this dish.

Next kitchen experiment will be korokke!



  1. This looks so yummy! Wanna come make some for me?? Pretty Please???

  2. Hi Jana!

    Sorry for the late reply. I would love to cook for you. I seldom have a chance to cook for someone. It's always for myself so I would be glad if I have the chance. :D


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