Try and try

Indeed I am.

This is a very early post. I have no sleep since 2pm yesterday. I can't sleep at night and I don't want to sleep in this particular morning because my hands are busy again. Yes indeed. March is after all my month. I got over the PSP mania, no manga to read and no people to take photos of. I know, my bad. Suddenly realizing on doing something productive when all else fail.

I don't want to focus on negativity this early morning but I can't help but post about it. It started yesterday. K-kun was busy with the computer and I'm too bored to play PSP and I realized that's it's always so hot. I can feel the summer heat and I promised a friend to make a bathing suit for her. She was really into it when I showed her my finished bolero. The day I promised to give her the bathing suit already passed. She already went to Boracay but still no bathing suit.

And here I am making attempts on a project in the magazine. This time it's for me. :D

Attempt No. 001
The right cup. It's too big for me though I had the right gauge and the right size. I guess US cup A is way bigger than local sizes. And I really think that it would fit me somehow. Yeah, dream on!

Attempt No. 002
This time, didn't even reach a quarter of it. I used a smaller hook and yet still too big.

Attempt No. 003
I think I finally have it.

I'll keep it a secret for now.
Different hook, different yarn, same pattern.

Will it work?

Looking good for now.

Will update later.
I won't sleep till I finish the right cup.

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  1. That is so cute, looking at it on the model...Good for you, that you can wear something like that :)
    Are you using cotton thread? I know you can't really wear cotton for swimming, but maybe if there's a garter it will hold...but I haven't tried it.


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