Let it rain stars

Long time, no blog eh? I have all excuses and none the matter but I've been browsing a lot, and I mean a lot I'm afraid my Firefox will die one of these days and delete all my tabs. But you know what's good with browsing? You find a lot of things that will make you think on how to view life, and I found a lot of it. I'll save those in the future but for now, I'd like to show something that's really close to my heart. And so help me, I really wish that I was the one who ever thought of this idea because it's just brilliant.

Photo by linneia. Found in tumblr via WeHeartIt


  1. hey girl, that's nice, so where did you exactly find it? it's an element for scrap booking right?
    hugs to you and Una...

  2. Thanks Jinky!

    The tags in the creator's page says it's for an ATC. I think the recipient is very lucky for having it.

  3. welcome back! looking forward to reading more posts from you soon. :-)


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