Lucky September

September has been really good to me. Hubby and I received good news about his work. Let's just say that we will be having a wonderful Christmas. I'm so proud of you hubby! Mwah!

Enough of my cheesiness (is that even a word, oh yeah, it is). The reason why it's a lucky September for me is because I won cool prizes from three giveaways! I won from these generous and beautiful bloggers:

The Pinay Blogger's 3rd Year Anniversary Reader Giveaway.
  • $20 cash
  • a Php 1,500 Worth of Photo service at Shutterbugz Studio – Use as many vouchers as you need.
Thank you so much Jade!
The Food and Travel Buff's Biogesic Gift Pack
  • Biogesic 8s pack
  • Biogesic female shirt
  • Biogesic Immortal Tumbler
 Thank you so much Divine!

Big Beautiful and Fabulous's Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Day and Night Cream Giveaway.

Thank you so much Mommy Dharlz!

I really love the Pinay Mommies Community because I am surrounded by loving and generous people. And now, the founder of Pinay Mommies, Mommy Ruby recently launched a new blog and is giving away $10 to three lucky bloggers! And I'm crossing my fingers and wishing to my lucky stars that I also win this new giveaway from Wandering Thoughts. What are you waiting for? Visit her blog now and follow the simple mechanics to join the giveaway.

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