Campus Book Rentals saves you money on textbooks

College expenses such as housing, tuition and college textbooks can quickly add up and put a big dent in a student’s wallet. Often it is very hard to justify spending hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars on books that you will likely be used for just a semester. Thankfully, Campus Book Rentals has come up with a great way to get students the textbooks that they need for college, all while saving more than 50% of the cover price. Campus book rentals offers a huge variety of books that are sure to please even the most obscure majors including City Folk: English Country Dance and Politics of Folk in Modern America. Finding the book that you need is super easy and you can search by keyword, author, and subject or ISBN number. Once you order, your book it will be quickly processed and promptly shipped to you at no added cost. In fact, once you are done with the textbook simply ship it back in a prepaid envelope-with free shipping both ways you never get stuck with hefty postal charges. The rental periods available are tailored to the life of a busy college student. You can choose from semester (130 days), quarter (85 days) or summer (55 day) rentals. If you need to keep the textbooks just a little bit longer to study for that all important final exams take advantage of the 15 day grace period allowed when returning your book. Save your college money for what really counts and rent your cheap college textbooks instead.

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